Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maloof Money Cup Day 1

tickets please..

this was the line to get in when i showed up..

and then it got bigger..

security was hella tight..

make sure you pat down every last 10 year old attending a skateboarding event at 10am on a saturday morning because you just never know..

i got my rub and tug..

gibbs was in the building..

an amazing course and what a backdrop..

the place filled up pretty quick

my photography skills were obviously on point..

burton smith was in attendance..

haslam and slash..

found seltzer cooling out in the vans tent..

i was stalking brian lotti all day..

saw another friendly face peepin out the ice cream and biddie situation..

this giant skateboard had a cop standing guard by it all day making sure no one got any cool pics on it..

the new park could not be any more amazing, so why do i still feel sad..

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